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Party 4 Pastafarians

At the APL, we believe that there is a severe lack of voting options for Pastafarians in Australian government elections. Therefore, we need to collect 500 hundred members details to register a brand new Pastafarian Political Party – Party for Pastafarians (0% Tax on Beer).


Party policies are a FUN-damentalist interpretation of “The 8 I’d Really Rather You Didnt’s

Policies will include:

  • Beer Tax: 0% tax on beer, the FSMs holy beverage.
  • Marriage Equality: Gay or straight, all love is good and worthy of formal recognition in the eyes of the FSM. We encourage as many SSM as is possible without actively forcing heterosexuals to wed!
  • Education: Teach the controversy! The Flying Spaghetti Monster creation story should be taught 50/50 with evidence based evolution – let the kids decide!
  • Schools: Nutritious daily pasta meals should be supplied by government for all school children!
  • Religious Freedom: All current citizens and residents are free to worship any monsters they desire, whether flying or under any other form of propulsion!
  • Asylum seekers: The FSM wants us to be nice to each other, and that is why asylum seekers shall be provided with healthy bowls of carbohydrate-rich pasta upon arrival in Australia!
  • Climate change:  Correlation = Causation. Science proves that the Earth’s rising temperature is caused by a decline in the global number of pirates. Our climate change solution is direct action in the form of dressing and talking like pirates.
  • Head of state: We demand the declaration of an Australian Pasta Republic.
  • School chaplaincy: Any schools that have a Christian Chaplain must also have a Pastafarian Pastor.
  • Religious attire: Wherever the special religious attire may be worn, Pastafarians may wear their holy pasta strainers on their heads, including while having ID photos taken and while riding bicycles.
  • Parliamentary prayers: Should be changed to honour the FSM equally with other gods/monsters!
  • Food labeling: All foods should have their carbohydrate percentage clearly identified!
  • Working week: Weekends will be extended to 3 days, including Friday – the Pastafarian holy day!
  • Tax on religion: All religious institutions, churches, mosques, Pastafarian noodle temples etc should be taxed equally

Preference votes flowing from P4P will ALWAYS flow to like-minded parties i.e. Sex Party and Pirate Party.

Want to join our ship full of fun-lovin’ buccaneers? Sign-up below!

Only fill out this form if:

  • You wish to become a member of the Party for Pastafarians (0% Tax on Beer) political party
  • You are eligible to vote at Australian Federal/State elections (18 years of age or older & an Australian citizen)
  • You consent that the information provided in this form may be forwarded to the Australian Electoral Commission in support of the party’s registration as a political party
  • You are not a member of any other political party

P4P is currently also at port recruiting for the next plunderin’ trip (election)! To run this party we need a:

  • Captain (President)
  • First Mate (Vice-President)
  • Quartermaster (Treasurer)
  • Navigator (Secretary)
  • Several Able seaman (Committee members)
  • Bosuns (Candidates for election)

Please let us know if you’d like to nominate for one of these positions.

You can contact P4P via:

Email: party4pastafarians {at} gmail {dot} com




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