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Colander License

The Australian Pastafarian Lobby believes it is a persons right to wear their religious headgear for official identification purposes – as long as the legally required features are revealed. Here are the specific requirements:

Passport: If you wear a head covering for religious reasons, they will accept a photograph of you wearing it, but your facial features from bottom of chin to top of forehead and both edges of your face must be clearly shown.

NSW License: Head coverings worn for religious reasons may be worn, but must be adjusted so that your whole face is visible.

VIC License: Religious headgear is acceptable provided it does not obscure your face.

QLD License: If you wear headwear for religious reasons, it must be adjusted so that all facial features from the bottom of your chin to top of your forehead (including both edges of your face) are clearly shown.

WA License: Head gear worn for religious purposes does not have to be removed for the photo capture provided it
does not cover the face.

TAS License: No head wear is acceptable, unless worn for religious purposes.

(SA, NT, ACT unable to find information).

Niko Almo did it in 2011 in Austria


Lukas Novy did it in the Czeck Republic in 2013


Eddie Castillo did in in the USA in 2013


Russell did it in New Zealand in 2014


and finally an Australian has done it!

Guy Albon did it in 2014!!!


Now it’s up to you Australian Pastafarians!

Next time you renew your licence or passport, try wearing the Pastafarian holy colander. Let us know how you go via the Contact Page.

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