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Pastafarian Census


If there are things in the Pastafarian religion that you identify with, and if you would like to see the Pastafarian religion gain formal legitimacy, then please designate Pastafarian as your religion in the next Australian census.

The APL is running an Online Petition to support the inclusion of ‘Pastafarian’ is the official Australian census count. This is an ongoing campaign, so please sign the petition now!

For the 2016 census, our submission to the ABS was:

"Dear ABS,
   As part of your review of the 2016 Australian census, we request that you include 'Pastafarianism' as a choice of religion, and give this growing legitimate religion its own tick-box for followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to easy select.
   Your sincerely,
   Australian Pastafarian Lobby"


Update 31/5/2013

Many thanks to the 26 dedicated Pastafarians who signed the online petition in include Pastafarianism in the 2016 Australian Census religion question by the cut-off time.

Lets wait and see what they say!

Update 2/8/2013

We have received an update email from the ABS, and here it is!
From: Grissel Agyemang-Duah <>
Date: Fri, Aug 2, 2013 at 2:41 PM
Subject: Progress report update on the Census of Population and Housing: Consultation on Content and Procedures, 2016.

Dear Submitter,

Thank you again for your submission regarding the Census of Population and Housing: Consultation on Content and Procedures, 2016

This is to advise that the progress report on public submissions has been updated. A summary of the key themes emerging from the submissions can be found in the Progress report on public submissions released on 12 July 2013. A summary of all submissions will be available in September. 

Many thanks and kind regards.

Update 24/20/2015

Well His Noodlyness did not manage to influence the landlubbers at the ABS this time round, but the question has changed! See the 2016 Census Religious Affiliation page for details. Please sign our Online Petition to support the inclusion of ‘Pastafarian’ is the next official Australian census count!