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Cap’n Cannonballs Pasta, Spokespirate of the Australian Pastafarian Lobby.

Cap’n Pasta is a Pirate with a major professional pirating services and seafarin’ firm.

With over 35 years experience in The Caribbean, Mediterranean and South-East Asia, the Cap’n has worked in an executive capacity across the boating services industry. As both a senior pirate in the plunderin’ consulting field, and as sword-makin’ senior executive, he has had extensive experience setting rigging and leading squadrons through large scale weather changes, and storms.

Cap’n Pastas commitment to APL is a result of his passion for the noodles we enjoy in this country, a nation and society grounded in Pastafarian principles, and a belief that active engagement with the nation through the political process is required to ensure those foundations are not lost in order that our grandchildren may enjoy the noodly freedoms we take for granted.

Cap’n Pasta and his wench wife Susan the Bearded Wench attend St Noodlies’ Pastafarian Church in North Jamaica.


Edward Teach, Pirate King of the Australian Pastafarian Lobby.

Mr Teach and his family lived on vessels for more than 25 years where he served as the President and CEO of a number of major international pirate ships. Since returning to Australia from the Caribbean he has been appointed chairman of several public-company vessels, principally in the gold and treasures area.

With a passion for beer and booty, Mr Teach served as a director of Pirates for Friday Funday for many years, and as chairman of Beers for Buddies Australia. He has also served as chairman of a number of other Pastafarian NGOs. An accomplished ships captain, Edward has addressed audiences on the high seas, and has also appeared frequently on West Indian television as a commentator on carbohydrate issues.

Mr Teach and his wench recently celebrated 50 years of pillaging, and attend St Bobby Henderson’s Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster on the Gold Coast.

henry morgan

Henry Morgan, Buccaneer of the Australian Pastafarian Lobby.

Mr Morgan left the Privateer Navy as a Pirate in the late 1700’s after a 32-year career which included command of the RAJ (Rum and Jewels) Section, and the Navy’s sailing fleet of 666 swashbucklers and most of the Navy’s cannons. He is a graduate of Beer Volcano studies in the Jamaica Brewery, and the Australian College of Stripper Factories.

Mr Morgan served as a beer testing expert on a number of pirate vessels.

In 1784 he was made a Member of the Order of Pastafarians for his services to buccaneering. He has been a Visiting Fellow at the Australian Walking the Plank Studies Centre and has served on the Council of the Australian Institute of the Jolly Roger and the National Quartermasters Committee for Carbohydrate Issues.

Mr Morgan and his hoard worship at Our Lord of the Blessed Noodle church in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

*Note – yes we are aware that those Xtian Lobsters at the Australian Christian Lobby have copied our pirates bios and altered them to suit their needs. Landlubbers!

Cap’n Cannonballs Pasta

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