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Religious persecution of Pastafarianism by South Australian Fun Police

Friday, 20th June 2014

The Australian Pastafarian Lobby (APL) is outraged, following news that a South Australian man was ordered by police to undergo psychiatric evaluation for wearing a colander on his head in his firearms license photograph.

The man, 30-year-old disability support officer Guy Albon, donned the religious headwear traditionally worn by members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster when he had his license photo taken last year.

Taking a license photo with religious headwear is a perfectly legal act in Australia, Mr Albon explained. “The law stipulates you can have something on your head … but you have to have your entire face uncovered and if the headgear is being worn it has to have some religious significance,” Mr Albon said. 

But six months later when attempting to change his license classification, police became concerned about the photograph. Uniformed police officers visited Mr Albon’s house in order to confiscate his four firearms and order him to undergo psychiatric evaluation, according to the ninemsn report. 

“I was laughing … I had to go and tell (a psychiatrist) what I was doing. The psychiatrist just laughed, he said ‘you’re kidding right’,” Mr Albon said.

Despite having his license subsequently approved, Mr Albon was forced to retake the photograph without the sacred religious attire on his head.

APL spokespirate Cap’n Cannonballs Pasta says the confiscation of Mr Albon’s firearms and enforced psychiatric evaluation represents a clear case of religious persecution. “Can ye imagine such a thing happenin’ if this were a Catholic nun, or a woman wearing a hijab, or a man in a yarmulke? No one should be havin’ their civil liberties violated simply because of the religion they follow!” Cap’n Cannonballs said.

“We be requestin’ a formal apology from the SA Fun Police and an official statement that this kind’a religious persecution will ne’er happen again. We stand for equality and dignity for all the religions aboard this big boat called Australia!” Cap’n Cannonballs said.

The APL encourages all followers of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to proudly don a colander in their next license photograph. For more information, see

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