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Party 4 Pastafarians (0% Tax on Beer) launched for SA and WA elections

Sunday, 9th March 2014

South Australians and Western Australians are tired of the major parties’ repeated broken promises and squabbling, and so a new major party is being launched for the SA and WA elections – the “Party 4 Pastafarians – 0% Tax on Beer” – also to be known as “P4P”.

“We think that what the people of South and Western Australia truly desire is clear– zero percent tax on their grog! Arrrrrr ha ha harrr!” said Australian Pastafarian Lobby spokespirate Cap’n Cannonballs Pasta.

“It’s about time those landlubbers in government got their mitts off of our bubbly malted treasures, says I.”

Cap’n Pasta made the announcement that the Party 4 Pastafarians will contest the upcoming state elections in South Australia (on Sat March 15) and Western Australia (on Sat April 5).

In addition to ending the cruel tax on beer, the Party 4 Pastafarians will advocate an end to all mining activity in favour of wildly increased galleon construction, Cap’n Pasta said.

“Plunderin’ jewels on the high seas be far more lucrative than diggin’ up dirt from the land, y’arrr.”

The Party for Pastafarians (0% Tax on Beer) was organised to provide political representation for Australian Pastafarians. Policies of the party include a 0% tax on beer, clear carbohydrate labelling for all products, and as many same sex marriages as is possible without actively forcing heterosexuals to wed. More information about the party is online at

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For a PDF version of this media release click HERE

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